Studio Stories the third

Can you even believe we’ve been exercising social distancing/isolation for a month now!?!?  I’ve missed seeing actual people but I’ve pivoted to include on-line ordering and at-home Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Kits to ensure you can keep being creative! 

We’re also fully socially connected now!  Links to our platforms are at the bottom of this email and at the bottom of my Homepage.  Please “Like” and “Follow” me on my pages to help me ensure more searchers for creative experiences can find me more easily!  I really appreciate your help💙


It’s nice to have some different options for activities that your whole family can enjoy together, or in separate rooms if there has been a little too much “together”.  I get it!  Wherever you decide to get creative to keep yourself and the family busy, check out our PYOP At-Home Kits (PYOP KITS


Your kit comes complete with pottery chosen, brushes, ceramic glaze in 8 colours, instructions/suggestions, and kiln firing.  Today just happens to be the 50th Anniversary of the first Earth Day and a perfect opportunity to say that at Lagom Studio we believe in “Living Gently On This Good Earth”.  We thoroughly clean and recycle the creative kits supplies, and so we encourage you to return all unused glaze for repurposing.  Thanks!


Our Gallery (PYOP KIT OPTIONS) on the website shows all of the currently available pottery pieces to choose from – there is truly something there for everyone!  Pottery painting isn’t just for kids! (although I happen to know that kids like it a lot!! :))


This quote brilliantly puts into words how many of us may be feeling.  How suddenly change arrives and leaves us reeling and reacting to a completely new reality. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for families whose loved ones become very suddenly ill and must be segregated in hospital, no visitors allowed.  Or to have a parent/grandparent in a long-term-care home who cannot have any visitors, or where many are becoming ill.  Or to have a tragedy like Nova Scotia’s mass shooting happen and not be able to gather to share a hug and find a shoulder to cry on.  My heart goes out to families who watch their essential-worker loved ones leave each day to go out into workplaces where potential exposure to COVID-19 is very real. And tragically, heartbreakingly, there are families and individuals who have lost those they love to COVID-19.  That life is unpredictable, not-guaranteed and fleeting is front of mind lately.  I just want to gather all those I love into my arms to feel for a brief moment that I am somehow keeping them safe.  I just feel this longing to keep everyone warm and protected.  


I know that I could technically stay in my PJ’s all day everyday doing the work I do, but I’ve taken “get up, dress up, show up”, and I add “stay up”!, (most days) to heart. I’m not really one for much jewellery, but lately I’ve been wearing my charm bracelet daily.  I know it’s goofy, but I often think of it as an extension of all I hold dear in my heart – like I have my lovelies with me wherever I am.  It makes me feel less alone, like they are loving and supporting me “virtually” (the word of the year 2020 I predict!).  I also keep a little painted stone that my daughter made me close at hand – she painted me the ASL sign for “I Love You”, a hand gesture my family of 5 always waves to one another.  These are both great comforts to me. 

I have lost sleep thinking of ways that I could help out in all of this.  To help out more than simply staying home (although that is the number one job we all have and kudos to everyone doing just that!!).  I have turned over in my head a million different ways that I could share art and creativity to benefit others, to make life just a little more beautiful and bearable.  I want to bring some calm to this chaos.  In these uncertain, scary times, it is especially difficult to be away from those we love and care about.  We want to reach out to comfort and we wish to be comforted by those friendly faces who know us best and be held in their arms. We want to express our appreciation and gratitude to so many who are still leaving their homes to work on the front-lines to ensure that our essential needs are met.


I believe that I can help you to bring the same peace and comfort that I feel when I gaze at my bracelet charms and little “I Love You” stone to others.  I started to paint heART stones when I personally was going through a pretty rough patch in my life and gave them to others for many different celebrations, seasons and reasons.  


A therapeutic, intricate and detailed labour of love, I send a bit of my heart with each one.  I layer paint colours in patterns, one tiny drop at a time, to create a textured, touchable and durable surface that is calming and worry-soothing.  One day, my dear friend started to request that I make them for special people she wished to recognize or cheer, and the rest is history.  I’ve created them for others to send wishes of love, gratitude, sympathy, friendship and “just because”.  Even painted 120 for my brother’s wedding favours!! (nutty, I know!) 

I have had requests from people who want to let their newly widowed dear friends know that they are not alone.  I have painted heART stones for countless Thank-You gift needs.  I have helped people mark the arrival of a new little person, wish someone a wonderful retirement and celebrate birthdays for all ages.  I have found Friendship and “just because” are favourite reasons to give a heART stone, made more meaningful with a favourite colour scheme and special message or inspirational quote. I recently donated heART stones to a Wellness Event, with a focus on mental health and well-being.     

heART stones are for all matters of the heart.  I don’t know about you, but my heart breaks pretty much daily with everything going on.  It helps to reach out.


I spoke with Lynne at CMHA Simcoe County just yesterday to finalize an idea for donating to the important work of the CMHA.  We are both thrilled to be partnering on this initiative. My heART stones are available for you to purchase and gift.  Each heART stone is colour and message customized by you, painted by me and packaged in a soft canvas-cloth bag with a signature heart.  You can check out heART stones in my Gallery (GALLERY: see heART stones) on the website for inspiration.  Your support of heART stones and Lagom Studio will also directly support CMHA.  To order for someone you care about to let them know you’re holding them close in your heart, click here (ORDER heART stones) or visit my website Homepage where you can click on the link under heART stones.  

I wish you all love, peace and calm. 



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  1. Hi Cory Lynn glad to read your latest news letter. Encouraging that you are continuing to be creative, empathetic and helpful in these trying times.

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