Studio Stories the fourth


So, my monthly Studio Stories updates have fallen by the wayside, but I figure I’m right in line with the “rules” for 2020.  As I’ve shifted my business focus, I’ve been thinking about changing this update too.  I’ve always touted working with clay as a very mindful practice… in the past few months, I’ve likely accumulated a whole year worth of mindfulness…. My mind is full of new learning… 



I’ve thought a lot about a lot of things and that feels really good… to have time to think and to process.  I’ve thought and read and watched videos everyday about my craft.  I realize that the more I learn and practice the less I feel I know and the more I want to know, to learn, to experiment and to practice.  


At the end of the days when I have scrapped more mug attempts than made actual mugs, or the large, awkward, weeks-to-dry serving plate cracks right down the middle during firing, or the glaze gets a little carried away, runs and glues what was my favourite, most balanced and beautifully shaped pre-fire greenware, to the kiln shelf… I’ve asked myself: what (the HECK!?) is this clay teaching me?  


Well, firstly, that the key to getting good at anything is to do it, A LOT.  It’s like that amazing, prize-winning photo that is only possible after thousands of horrible, top-of-head-cut-off, blurry, not actually sure what is in the photo ones.  And that you never arrive, you become hungry for that next great shot, that next great idea, that next breathtaking glaze.  

I love what I do.  Making “stuff”.  Making useful, beautiful items with my hands, for you to enjoy.  


Check out my new online shop for a few, carefully selected (and backed by hours of sweat, tears and practice) items that I handmade with love, now available.   I’m sharing a couple of my favourite pieces here… see my shop for more 🙂


Check back often as I will update.  And I will keep learning and telling my Studio Stories!  Actually, quite a lot of “funny” happens in a pottery shop!  

Stay tuned…

Thanks so much for your support!💟

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Stay Safe.

One thought on “Studio Stories the fourth

  1. Cory Lynn enjoyed blog. Looking forward to the next one and what you create. We are the recipients of a beautiful Pagoda you created! Very Best Wishes for your online launch!

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