See You Saturday!

Lagom Studio will officially open in January 2020!

Discover creative fun and activities for the whole family at Lagom Studio!

 I look so forward to meeting and connecting with you, your friends and family this Saturday!

Lagom Studio has been years in the making, mostly dwelling in my heart and mind and hopes and dreams.  I have imagined for my community and beyond a place where people can gather comfortably and explore art and creativity in many forms.  I am driven to create a safe place to try new experiences and develop hands-on creative skills.  As much as I am an Educator, Maker and Creative, I believe that ultimately

I am in the business of making things possible,

providing space, instruction and inspiration for you to see your interests and ideas take flight.  As much as our Open House on Saturday Dec. 7 is a Discovery Day for you as visitors to our space, it is as much a chance for me to discover what creative and community needs you may have.  Please let me know your thoughts!

See you Saturday!


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