Lagom Signature Series: “Line Study” Mug




My Signature Lagom Style in a Mug!  Nature’s neutrals and colours are an integral part of my Lagom pottery craft.

These mugs are made of two different types of clay – one light, one dark and speckled – marbled together and thrown on my pottery wheel.  I then carve a pattern into each mug individually.  This reveals the layers of the two clays that occur when centred and thrown on the wheel.  I leave this one-of-a-kind neutral marbling to speak for itself, glazing it in clear matte.

This Tidal Pool “Line Study” Mug is part of a series – on this style I carve unique, uniform vertical line patterns into the bottom half of the mug, with a hint of Tidal Pool spilling over at the top from the inside.  “Tidal Pool” glaze encompasses all the colours of the shallow, quiet sea tides – green algae and sea weed, aqua-teal water washing over sand.   A perfect compliment to the marbled clay.

16-18 oz

Made to Order.  Allow 4-6 weeks to create.


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