“Cardinals in a Birch Forest” Mug (made to order)



Cardinals are one of nature’s wonders with their bright crimson feathers and distinctive gold beak and black eye mask – I know I always feel lucky to spot one as it flies from branch to branch.  Winter seems to be a perfect time to see them!

Cardinals can mean many things to many people of different cultures and backgrounds.  Some believe they are a good luck charm.  For others, a sighting can bring them back to remembering a loved one.

My Cardinals are hand carved and glazed a brilliant crimson as they play in a hand carved birch forest.  I’ve carved texture into the background clay around the trees which allows them to “pop” and gives depth to the scene.  Each mug canvas on which these details are realized is thrown on my potter’s wheel in speckled clay.  This speckling comes through beautifully with the matte grey glaze used for the inside, handle and background.



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