“My Love and Acceptance is Steadfast and Unshakable…”

 This meant the world to me!! A friend of mine recently asked me to create a heART stone for a special someone in her life.

I am totally inspired by how this Mom has approached a somewhat unexpected shift in her child’s path. When I asked her to tell the story of her journey with her child and how she came to be requesting a heART stone, she shared this….

This is the heART stone gift in non-binary colours.

“I have known about the heART stones created by Cory-Lynn for a year and found them to be beautiful and creative. Whether they are carried or displayed, selected from ready-made stock or specially ordered they are a simple gift of beauty or a beautiful one with specific meaning. It was to convey a specific meaning of love and acceptance that I asked Cory-Lynn to make one using the non binary colours of yellow, white, purple, and black for one of my children. On their gender journey they have communicated and educated me and kept me close. As a parent it has been a journey for me as well, one of learning, understanding and change such as change in the pronouns used and gender terms. Just as I have accepted their change they have accepted the challenges I find with that change. The most difficult has been the change in name, to what they feel is a more gender neutral name. This has been especially hard as the name given at birth was a meaningful one of love and family. So to further state my acceptance, I had their chosen name put on the back of the heART stone with a heart 💗. My love and acceptance of them is steadfast and unshakable. And that was communicated through the gift of this specific and beautiful heART stone. Thank you Cory-Lynn and Lagom Studio for a most beautiful and meaningful way to express that unconditional love 💕


This is the power of giving a heART stone in action.

She has said to me before that her children have often led her down paths she never thought she’d ever travel. Embracing her child’s experience and walking beside them is such a gift.

This is the power of love.

One thought on ““My Love and Acceptance is Steadfast and Unshakable…”

  1. This heart stone this Mom requested for her child is so touching and it’s wonderful when people are accepted for who they are.

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