COVID-19 Response

It’s been a crazy week filled with uncertainty and surprises as the middle of March nears and I am preparing my next newsletter.  A lot has happened in just one months time.  

Who knew that just a few months ago when I opened my doors to share community and creativity with you that the world would be facing a novel viral pandemic.

I believe that the best thing we can do is to listen to the science and the experts and help them to help us to stay healthy, and to protect our healthcare resources from becoming overwhelmed.  This just makes good sense to me.  

With schools now closed, Toronto shut down and many municipalities across Ontario following suit, I have had to look carefully at my own response for my studio and the community of people who visit to paint, throw clay and attend pottery classes.  

In the best interests of all of you, my own family and the greater community, I believe it is my responsibility to be a part of limiting social engagements.  A large part of my vision for the studio is to bring people together to share in creativity.   Unfortunately, this would not be prudent nor responsible at this time to continue to invite you here to do so.  

I will continue to monitor the situation and try to model the best responses possible in this fast changing environment.  Please visit the website for updates to class/workshop schedules coming soon.  If you have already registered for classes, PYOP, workshops, please watch for new tentative start dates.  

Thanks so much for your understanding.  We can really help to reduce the burden on our healthcare system if we follow the recommendations of health care experts advising us on how to conduct ourselves in the coming weeks. 

My aim is to resume classes and hours April 6, in keeping with the current province-wide school closures.

We’ll gather to throw clay and paint together again soon!


I’ll be drinking many cups of coffee from this while I throw all kinds of new product while “stuck” at home!

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