In uncertain times, it helps to think forward with a hopeful heart.  To keep routines and traditions to provide touchstones.  In the spirit of looking forward to a better time,  I’m going to release my newsletter for you to see what has gone on this past month (or so) and you can dream about all the creative things you and your family and friends can do here at the Studio when we are able to gather again.

Some pretty exciting things going on here this past month!  More Birthday Parties and PYOP and reserve-a-wheel gatherings, pottery classes finished and our kiln worked her magic and has revealed some amazing work from our participants.  As much as I’m sure you want to see your artwork and take it home to show off, those who haven’t picked up their pieces yet, be assured that I am keeping them safe here for you until it makes sense to gather again.

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A big shout out to Melissa and her two sisters who gave our “Reserve-a-Wheel” a try.  Was so nice to see these sisters who don’t always have a chance to get together with all three of them in the same city,  spending quality time together, trying something no one had tried.  They had a lot of laughs at themselves (and each other!) as they discovered that working with clay is excellent fun with some unexpected challenges.  

Just love this pastel glaze combo made by Melissa

They did an amazing job for first-timers, creating functional pieces and accidental art!   

I especially loved the outcome of their glaze experiments, where they were able to try many different combinations with blind faith that they would turn out how they imagined they would.  It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what will happen when the piece is fired – it’s always a bit of a surprise! 


Pottery Classes (Clayworks Essentials) finished up at the beginning of March and I must say that I have missed seeing these groups of potters on a weekly basis!

Love this glaze combo on wheel-thrown pots made by Ron

We accomplished making slab work vases and planters for the spring as well as wheel thrown bowls, cups, plates and even sprouts drainers!

Lovely pieces made by our Clayworks Essentials participants

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first session of classes – you really made the studio come to life and I so appreciate your support of the arts and creativity. 



What a month it has been!!  And what a difference a week makes!?! This time last week I had a studio filled with 25 women celebrating a Birthday and International Women’s Day with companionship, creativity and wonderful eats!!  

Birthday “Girl” Carmen making her first pot!

March 8 was International Women’s Day and I had the privilege of sharing creativity with some amazing women.  My dear friend Carmen had this wonderful idea to share her upcoming Birthday celebration with women who have meant a lot to her over the past 20 years since coming to Simcoe County.  Carmen is originally from Hong Kong and coming to a new country and a new city found her wanting to be part of a community for friendship and support.  We know how important this network is to our well being and happiness and kudos to Carmen who has cultivated a lovely community for herself and her family to grow up with.  Our gathering here at the studio was somewhat reminiscent of those “once upon a time” quilting bees!  Coming together in-person to enjoy good company, a pot-luck feast and crafting is not as common as it once was!   

Carmen wanted to provide a few hours where women could gather to lose themselves in something just for them, free from all of the many responsibilities they hold in their busy work and family lives.  We painted our own pottery mugs, threw a pot on the wheel – for the first time for most!! – and painted canvases.  As challenging as learning something new can be it seemed that they were all recharged and refreshed when they were saying their “see you later”s at the end of the afternoon. 

“That was really fun!”  “I really enjoyed that!”  “I’d like to come back to do some more!” 

A quote that really resonates with me right now is Banksy’s “Learn to rest, not to quit.”  In our modern-day lives we are pulled in so many directions and have so many expectations placed on us, especially as women.  Something I’ve struggled with, and I’m sure I’m not alone, is giving myself the okay just to “be”.  To take time to recharge so that I can be a better human being for myself and for those I love.  To take more time to do the things that I love.  Guilt does not belong alongside our need to explore and develop ourselves, outside of the many directions in which we are pulled.  

Thank you Carmen for a lovely day to work with and share creativity with some pretty terrific women!  


What a party!

Our children’s parties continue to be a big hit with the kids!  These girls painted figurines, decorated rice krispies critters and danced their hearts out!  I know there are children who are registered to celebrate your Birthday’s here at Lagom Studio and we can absolutely do that once the all clear to gather is given.  Parents, please contact me when you can to let me know if we will go ahead with your child’s party at a future date TBD.

Clayworks and Pottery Kids class participants who have registered for this session, please be advised that we will continue with classes after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed us by.  I can keep your name on the roster so when we open class registration again, you’ll already have a guaranteed spot.  Alternatively, if you would like a refund, please contact me and I can absolutely do that for you.  

A very creative bunch, those Pottery Kids!!
Beautiful pottery created by our Pottery Kids

I look forward to sharing this amazing craft and more art with you again soon!!  

So happy to live and work in this wonderful village of Hillsdale. With everyone self-distancing or in self-isolation St. Paddy’s Day was a little more subdued than many of us are used to. Hillsdale community spirit was alive and well in spite of all of this, and created a fun activity for the kids: we put shamrocks in our windows for the children to find on their walks with their parents on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, 2020. I was working away in the studio and was filled with happy each time I saw kids excitedly spot the shamrocks posted on my door.

Take heart!  This too shall pass and we’ll all weather it better if we look out for and take care of each other and our communities.  If we can remember to hang onto hope and know that there is beauty all around us.  It seems that we all will have a lot more time to slow down and notice nature, kindnesses, the “little” things.  Be grateful for a relatively swift response to regulate the spread of COVID-19 in Canada.  

Acrylic on Canvas by Cory-Lynn Styles

Stay healthy and be good to one another!


“Take time today to do something you love!”

Watch for our new DIY take-home creative kits coming soon on the website and with links on social media!!

You may find that you will soon run out of things to do and working on  something creative is a proven way to stress less.   

My goal has always been and continues to be “making creativity possible”

My wish is for you to be able to continue your creative pursuits!

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  1. Thank you CoryLynn for reminding us that this time will pass and we can look forward to gathering again. Look forward to when we can all be creative together again. Stay safe. ❤️

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