Lagom (law-gum)

Lagom translates to “just right”, a Swedish approach to living, and our inspiration for this studio.

My Grandmother was fiercely proud of her Swedish heritage. IKEA was always praised as the smartest furniture solution and ABBA was king. Beyond innovative solid design and pop stardom infamy, my Scandinavian ancestors had more than a few things “just right” about living a meaningful, content life.

I can think of nothing else so important in our modern era than to cherish our time. To connect more in person and to learn new skills. To take care of our environment and ourselves. To slow down and embrace mindfulness so we can cope better with our hectic lives and our troubled world.

Lagom Studio was founded as a space that promotes community through creativity, shared experience and skill-building.

Check out our events calendar here to see what fun and exciting things we have in store for you.

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